Business Consulting

Our consulting services focus on organizations of all sizes, whether private or public, in all sectors, covering key business and operation areas, responding to critical business needs, supporting and improving our customers’ value chains.

Typical clients’ business areas Eugene Global has supported all these years include the below indicative sectors:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Information Technology firms
  • Logistics
  • Maritime
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Training & Education centres and firms
  • Consulting firms
  • SMEs of all sectors
  • Other Private and Public Sector organizations

Project & Program Management

Based on industry best practices, international standards and our own experience in the field, Eugene’s Project and Program Management services ensure that projects and programs are completed efficiently to meet customer expectations. We work in close with our project and program sponsors in multiple and complex projects contributing to the achievement of project success in relation to the Time, Cost, Scope & Quality Constraints.

Information & Communications Technology & Transformation

In the global, highly competitive, digital and dynamic business environment, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are more than ever a critical enabler for an organisation’s success.

Eugene provides ICT Consulting services that help organizations to put their technology assets at the service of their business needs and their strategic vision.

Governance Risk & Compliance Management

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) Management refers to a strategy for managing an organization’s overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations. GRC is a structured approach to aligning organization and its management and operations with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements.

Eugene team has extensive experience from a variety of industries on all GRC areas. We work with your team to help strategically plan and execute your Governance Risk and Compliance strategy that aligns with your business strategy.

Business Resilience (including Operational Risk Management, Information/Cyber security, Business Continuity)

Business resilience is the ability of an organization to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations, safeguarding people, assets and its overall brand equity.

Eugene helps its customers by providing innovative and top quality services in the areas of Business Continuity Management, Information and Cyber Security Management, Operational Risk Management and Compliance Management.